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leanin tree valentine
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June 03, 2012


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Chris Reed

A couple rolls of duct tape and I think you could have saved those shoes. I always enjoy seeing what's new on your walls at Surtex, have a great year!


Haha Chris, with a couple rolls I think I could have turned them into full-fledged KISS boots!
Always good to see you again, and nice to meet your beautiful daughter - hope your year is great too, take care!

jane maday

Great post! I love all your photos!


Oh what a blur! How fab are you? So fab.


Love your pics and the account of your week. I think Surtex is the most whirlwind week of every year. But fun to see you even for just fast hellos. We SHOULD get together at home sometime... Loved your art, your booth, your smile and your adorable clothes!


I loved this post! You are an amazing artist, friend, and so many other things that no words can describe...so like Amber said..FAB = YOU!

I am sure many new exciting business ventures are coming your way. Lots of love friend!

Lynnea Washburn

Beth, I absolutely loved your this blog! You write with such a personal style, I feel like I was there experiencing it, too. Thank you for posting the single best report from Surtex that I have read. (p.s. I'm a WA gal too!)

Joy Hall

Thanks so much Beth for sharing this. I didn't get to go to Surtex this year and really appreciate getting to see Surtex and NYC through your eyes!

tammy smith

ah Beth-I love this recap! Although it was my first show and I have nothing to compare it to, it did seem like a wonderfully positive environment with tons of possibilities! Now if I can just refrain from getting impatient I'll be fine:)
THanks for covering it all so well and for all the pre-show advice you gave me-SO helpful!

Paula Pertile

Fabulous! Thanks. Sorry about the shoes. :~(


Wow, thanks everyone. You've all brought a big smile to my face this afternoon!

kathy weller

Thank you for sharing your Surtex experience Beth!

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