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leanin tree valentine
leanin tree valentine
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leanin tree magnet
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January 05, 2012


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shelly kennedy

so many nooks and crannies!
i love the "trash-treasure" plaque!
thanks for sharing!

Joy Hall

Beth, you have a delightful place to work... so warm and cozy and so happy! Just like your art!

I'm in love with your cat!

Phyllis Dobbs

Love your stuff (and cat)! Can I borrow your red shoes?


I want to come play at Beths! Not sure if you could get me to leave though.. So many things I love starting of course with Flossie and Molly.. to your plaque.. the picture of the Next Generation with your dad and of course not to mention the ruby red slippers.. Everything is just so Beth! Makes me smile lots :)

Barbara Johansen Newman

Oh, you make me miss my own kitty, who used to sleep under the bib of my overalls! What a fun space she shares with you! (But your space is much more organized than mine....)

And when Phyllis is done with the shoes, can I borrow them?

Karen Embry

Beth...love the shoes! I see they are a big hit! I really like how you make use of every space and your organized art supplies. I especially love the colors displayed in your pencils/pens - I LoVE COLOR and Cats!!!

Artist Terri Smith

Beth, What An Absolute Treat Visiting Your Studio! Love Your Place Especially Your Furry Children..And Not To Forget Those Sparkly Shoes Resting At Your Desk Towards The End Of Your Tour! Your Humor And Work Were A Complete Delight! Thank So Much For Opening Your Heart And Home.


LOVE your work space, and the shoe shot is amazing. Love the way you've got such vivid color and I can't resist saying my studio has never been that clean in all its life! WOW!

Casey Comiskey

Hey Beth!!
This is Casey, Shelly's daughter. LOVE your studio, wizard of oz shoes, awesome art, and especially Flossie. I am still obsessed with her blog and literally laugh out loud every time I read it :) Hope you had an awesome holiday and if you find yourself in Tampa, let me know!!

Brenda Pinnick

Beth, somehow I just knew your space would be exactly as it is because it's very "BETH LOGAN" - fun, irreverent, charming! I think we should all do an actual road trip, from East to West to spend a day in each other's studios! I wonder how our art would be influenced? I would LOVE to spend a day in yours!!!

Aaron Christensen

You know what, I think we've been competitive bidders on Ebay, some of your items look awfully familiar.
Ummm, my studio would look more like yours if I was brave enough to unpack all my boxes of goodies and put them on display like you. Thankfully, if I don't display them, then I obviously do not have a problem with my memorabilia addiction....right, RIGHT? See you at the 12 step Antiques Anonymous :)
Thanks for sharing your wonderful space Beth!

sue zipkin

I totally adore your space, I have seen bits and pieces of it before but seeing it like this took my breath away. You are creative genius I love how you collect all this stuff, what a fun post. Thanks so much for letting us see into your world. The photos are just so amazing absolutely great, I am honored I was able to be a part of this exciting event.

Paula Joerling

LOVE it Beth. What a great and creative tour.

Samantha Walker

Beth! So much fun! I've been in a teeny tiny space for so long, so I know how it is. You have to keep it together to make it work. Although...I'm not so good at keeping my space as organized as you. You had me smiling at the cat in your jacket...looks like a fun place! Thanks for sharing!

terri conrad

love it Beth. I see you're a lefty, but you've got the BIG wacom tab with the buttons on the right. I have a smaller version - with the buttons on the left - and am always inadvertently rolling over the buttons activating some unwanted action. Thanks for sharing a peek inside your creative space.


Thanks for the studio visit, Beth - it's so you. Especially love the pics of the cat in your lap, the Star Trek pic and those red glitter shoes.

Diane Knott

LOL! You've squished a lot of GOOD CREATIVE STUFF into your tiny little studio, Beth!! Inspiration is at your fingertips!

It looks like many of us have studio cats! This is an absolute MUST-HAVE! =^..^=

Hugs, Diane

A Fellow Lefty

You know you can disable the left scroll bar & function keys in your Wacom preferences, right? Not that the extra hand-cushioning isn't still useful....


Oh best is the beth! Stop. Reverse that. ;) You ignore the comments about disabling those keys on your Wacom, they're lies! LiEs I say! I want to put a carpet swatch on mine - because, then I could be cool too. LEFT HANDERS FOREVER!

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