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leanin tree valentine
leanin tree valentine
leanin tree valentine
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leanin tree magnet
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June 09, 2011


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Ronnie Walter

This is the single best recap/advise blog I've read about Shir-teck/SheerTax/That thing you go to in New York! I will certainly remember your husband's advise!
Thanks, Beth!



the bunny @ the top of your blog is doing chicken legs! :)


haha thanks Ronnie - and if anyone could illustrate his advice perfectly I think it would be you, I can just picture it!

and Yad: chicken legs AKA smashbottom or squashbottom :o]

Diane Knott

Hugs, Diane

BJ Lantz

That was great! I usually try to remain standing to avoid the toilet-seat syndrome...then I have to be aware of not crossing my arms and giving off the I-don't-want-to-talk-to-you vibe, LOL That is a riot that you set your art on fire. (I'v felt like doing that intentionally sometimes!) My mom did that with a menu in Paris once...gave us a good laugh, the waiter, not so much.

Chris Chun

Great advice and so funny. I forgot how exhausting Surtex was until I read your blog post and it bought it all back again. I'm tired now LOL.

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