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January 13, 2009


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I don't want to use my inside voice. I WANT TO SHOUT YOUR AWESOMENESS FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!!! Happy Blogoversery, chicky. On that note, let them eat cake.
P.S. You are awesome and so is your blog.

Debbie Hale

I bought a stack of your fatquarters at the open house. They're so cool! Glad to see them made into a fabulous quilt! I'm inspired to do mine now. :)

Susie Longbrake

I love your things, Beth, every year a few of my most treasured friends receive something new of yours, and it is always "ooed and awwwwwed" over. Keep up your wonderful work and ideas!


You have been and always will be my absolute favorite artist. I am excited to make something with the flannel that I got from the Open House AND for Christmas!

I love to read your blog and Flossie's!

Love you with all my howt :)


Happy Blogiversary! And thank you for sharing it with us so we can have a reason to eat cake today :) I love how you think, how you write your words, and how a special feeling comes through so beautifully in your art!


And I thought I was the Queen of Pleonasm! But now I am only the Duchess, because you rule, Girl! Keep up the good words! And work!I hope Flossie got a cute blogiversary hat to wear. She is the quintessential model! And yes, you have incredible empathy with those who are uncomfortable speaking up. Remember A&W? You've come a long way, baby! Click.Drrrrr.:)

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