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leanin tree valentine
leanin tree valentine
leanin tree valentine
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leanin tree magnet
leanin tree magnet
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October 10, 2008


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Diane Knott

OK, Ms. Handylady, this is one story you need to submit to "Handyman" magazine! What a hoot! I'm serious! Do it!

We moved into a house built in 1820 that had been renovated by a guy who loved to apply some kind of spackle to the ceilings using a roller. What it produced were stalactites! One part of the slanted ceiling in our bathroom was only about 4' high and under it was a storage bench. You get the picture! You did NOT sit on the bench and get up in a hurry or the stalactites stabbed you in the top of your head.

'Way to go, Beth! It's looking GOOD!



Thanks Di! I'm laughing thinking about that diligent man and his roller (always funny to me what people do to houses) and your bathroom bench...I would for sure impale the top of my head every single time, no matter how many years I lived there.
Also kind of funny when I realize a 1920-Seattle house is relative in a way to an 1820-Pennsylvania house...since an "old house" on this coast is generally 100 years NEWER than an "old house" on that coast...mid 19th C is as old as we get out here!


ok, so now I want the "to be continued part" !

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