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September 29, 2012


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Debbie Hale

Hi Beth,
My favorite baby animal is a baby chick. We used to raise chickens when I was a kid - long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. :)

Deb Grogan

Baby ducks, definitely baby ducks, they can be snuggly, they are certain over the top cute AND they are the best shade of buttery yellow ever! (always thinking in paint color I was given one by someone for Easter when I was young (it was the thing to do back then but in hindsight not too bright). I named my duck Susie Goose and she lived in our backyard and a box under the porch and ate dog food :) If I win I will donate my winnings to my friend Jeanette who is a brand new quilter!


The baby bunny gets my vote! Love your soft palette and all the cuddly animals! Beautiful!

Jeannette Michel

Oh, how I love the baby lamb.. It gives you that warm, cuddly and playful impression, just like a baby blanket should have. Thank you to Deb Grogan.

Sara Stamper

Since I don't see a crow in this fabric, I'll have to vote for the cute lil squirrel:) My dog, Daisy's, favorite critter too!

Beth L

Thanks everyone :o] I should have mentioned, it doesn't have to be one of the babies in this fabric: if you're partial to hedgehogs, puppies, kittens, hippos (or big dorky baby crows, Sarah, I love them too!) whatever cute baby thing makes you go "squee!" when you see it!

And I have to say I love that there was once a duck named Susie Goose, that makes me smile...

Diana Stack Roberts

I almost had to go for the baby flamingo (those legs!), but I have to say that nothing beats a warm, fuzzy baby Labrador Retriever puppy. Floppy ears, soft paws, waggy tail. I want another one every time I see one.


My favorite baby animal is a puppy. But a couple days ago we saw 2 tiny baby wild rabbits that I wanted to pick up and cuddle but I knew better than to do that. Thanks for the cute cuddly fabric giveaway. Love the boy colors. Thanks


i swear, it is enough to make me have another baby, the cuteness is almost overwhelming. well played, beth! and it is the baby bunnies that really get me, my mother used to call me her hasemops, when i was really tiny, which is some sort of german endearment involving tiny rabbits.

Dee Lane

My favorite animals are the baby ducks. We had 11 new baby ducks on our farm this year and it was so much fun watching them grow up and change every day! Thank you for making such adorable patterns.

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