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March 23, 2010


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WOW that's just beautiful and intriguing! Thanks for sharing!
I am proud of you for facing your fears!


At my core I always feel like I was meant to man a light house. Maybe it's just a remnant of my "Anne of Green Gables" fantasies.

I know this might sound crazy-putty but I used to have this same scary problem -- to the extreme. I was in college before I saw a football game from the bleachers because it was just too much of a risk to go all the way up there on those see-through stairs. Once my dad made me wash our floor to ceiling windows, requiring me to use THREE WHOLE STEPS on a step ladder. I actually cried. It was quite the ordeal.

Two Summers I got hypnotised as a last ditch effort to deal with it. It was keeping me from an exboyfriend's roof-top garden and more than the fact that I wouldn't be able to save myself in the case of a fire that required a nyc fire-escape, I refused to miss out on a roof-toop BBQ. Anyway, now I'm hot to trot on all manner of see-through stairs with just the slightest bit of apprehension. Just sayin'

I'm glad you braved this for our sakes. Your pictures are all manner of swoon-worthy. xo


Hey Beth!! What a beautiful place and such beautiful pics! I have never been out west (Anaheim, CA - doesn't count) and always wanted to.. this makes me want to even more now! And good for you for tackling those stairs.. not sure if I would have LOL!

Diane Knott

GREAT photos, Beth!

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