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July 14, 2008


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very beautiful! love the atmosphere and the story behind it...

Jennifer L. Meyer

I really like this. The colors are wonderful! What a fantastic feeling it gives off.


I love the contrasting of colors and the haunting feeling it gives! Wonderful illustration!

Bella Sinclair

Oh, this is dreamy-lovely. Love the colors. I can really picture Aretha looking back with delight and gratitude. She must have been an amazing dog.

Connie Martin

This is a wonderful image, full of life, not just static; I think that's because it has a lot of you in it. Thanks for letting us walk the dog with you!


beautiful colour tones, great depth, I feel i could get lost in those foggy woods quite easily:)


it's wonderfully striking!


Wow... there's so much depth in this! Great use of color and value and shape-- the alertness and excitement in Aretha is so obvious in her little silhouette.

Diane Knott

Beth, what a beautiful "moody" picture. So much atmosphere. The dog looks almost wolf-like. I love wolves! Such intelligence in their eyes!


Curious Art

Quite beautifully done! I love the subtle colors & the sort of stage-set feeling of the receding trees.

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