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February 04, 2008


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Sue Z

Congratulations!! You tree hugger you!!! This new logo design is absolutely fabulous!! MH are smart cookies two have asked you to create this. You have always made a difference in the causes you have supported over the years . The logo and flag are are the TRUE you and dropdead gorgeous I might add.

I also would like to ask you how you managed to create a the flag with your cat sitting on your artwork?

Shelly :)

Beth these are INCREDIBLE!!! Congrats on both the flag & the logo! And I agree with SueZ... Was it maybe some cat fur or something to give such fun texture??? I usually have my dogs surrounding me and my cat purring ontop of the back of my chair -such fun co-workers we have.


These are beautiful designs--loving tributes to our friends the trees (said only slightly tongue-in-cheek.)

And I love the animation of the logo on the cards website--was that you, too?

Thanks for visiting my tree hugger illustration :)

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